Maprik Town

Congestion leads to increased crime: Maprik police

The town provides services for people from almost eight districts, including the Lumi and Nuku districts of West Sepik.

Hence the increased number of people at one time has created law and order issues for the area.

Police Station Commander Damien Linus is determined to restore Maprik to its former days – a peaceful and economical centre.

Linus said it is no secret that the rate of crime has expanded and taking up office just days in has not allowed him to go through the record and data of crime rates in the area.

New Maprik police station commander

Inspector Damien Linus took up the post just a week ago.

The appointment is timely following a request from the local MP, who raised concerns that the town has been without a PSC for a long time.

Inspector Linus is not new to the Maprik command and is determined to get things on track.

In an Interview he stated that Maprik is a district that needs full policing attention.

He further believes that policing needs to be improved.