Manus MP

Petition challenging Pomat’s win dismissed

Pomat made these comments on Wednesday after the election petition that was filed against him by Wep Kanawi was withdrawn in the Court of Disputed Returns.

He filed the petition based on the grounds of errors and omissions made during the counting period by the Electoral Commission.

The matter went to court on Wednesday for pre-trial conference, to check compliance to directions that were issued on September 20.

However lawyer for the petitioner, Kanawi, asked the court to withdraw the proceeding.

Manus MP's review thrown out

Justice Collin Makil, in his decision this morning, found that the Leadership Tribunal's decision was not unreasonable and bias, thus the penalty recommendation for dismissal from office should stand.

He said the member’s review failed, dismissing it with cost as he was of the view that Knight was not denied a fair hearing.

This decision of the review came a day before the issue of writs tomorrow, after the trial was conducted in April last year.

The disappointed member said he will seek legal advice on his next step, indicating a Supreme Court appeal.

Ronny Knight's trial vacated

The matter will now return to court on February 29 for directions before an expected trial date is set  in March.

Knight returned to court today with his lawyers where it was brought before the attention of the court that the review books were missing affidavits and exhibits that were tendered in evidence during the leader’s Tribunal sitting last year.

Justice Collin Makail issued orders for the trial to be vacated from today while lawyers representing Knight and members of the tribunal work around sorting out the review books.

Knight trial expected in February

Knight’s lawyer returned to the National Court this morning before Justice Les Gavara Nanu informing the court of compliance on their part in filing and serving review books.

Noel Ako, of Jema lawyers is acting in behalf of the MP. He told the court they are ‘hopeful’ of having the substantive review  to commence on February 8, next year.

Knight was recommended for dismissal from office by the Leadership Tribunal on May 1st after he was found guilty of misappropriation charges on March 20, 2015 on four of the five allegations brought against him.