Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin

Benjamin raises concern over safety of Manus people

He said the refugees have abused the peace loving nature of his people and are causing many problems in the province.

The warning was made in Parliament today following numerous reports of incidents allegedly caused by the refugees. The latest incident involved the alleged rape of a young woman.

The Governor said although the Provincial Executive Council passed a resolution for the refugees to remain in the camp, the Supreme Court decision of April 26 2016 rendering the camp illegal, allows for refugees to leave the camp at will.

Refugees safety not guaranteed warns Manus Governor

Benjamin questioned in Parliament what measures will the National Government take to address the social and law and order problem affecting the island province by the people being housed to be processed for their status.              

He said with the Supreme Court decision many refuges roam the streets at night looking for local women and also homebrew have become a big problem.

 “Guarantee blo mi lo safety blo ol pinis, Mahn I hambak em paitim em tasol (I will not guarantee their safety, if any refugee is misbehaving will be fought at by locals,” Benjamin said.     

Manus still waiting for funding after 8 years, says governor

The governor told Parliament in this morning’s session that in 2008, the then government committed K140 million worth of projects to his province.

"Taim danis na garamut i pinis, olgeta i lus tingting lo displa ol komitment," Benjamin said. (After the dance and beat of drum ended, the then government forgot about its commitment.)

He asked Prime Minister Peter O’Neill if the current government can find the K36 million to seal the Lorengau to Manus Highway Road. This was one of the projects committed.