Manus desalination project 2017

​Locals challenged to maintain project

Speaking during the closing of the saltwater desalination pilot project on Tuesday at Bipi Island, Minister Maru said the people of Manus were very privileged to benefit from such projects.

This project converts beach well water into fresh drinking water, using the technology of reverse osmosis and solar power.

He said many other atoll provinces, who also experience water shortage during the dry seasons, would want to have this but Manus is privileged.

"It’s a big investment. And delivering it here is more expensive than other places," Minister Maru said.

Finally, fresh water for islanders!

For a mother in the village, water is vital for survival but accessing clean, drinking water during the dry seasons could mean walking, driving, paddling or traveling by boat over a certain distance to fetch that precious necessity.

For women in island atolls, water becomes a big need when tanks and containers dry up.

Mother-of-two, Regina George, of Bipi Island in Manus, is one of those privileged ones who is now having and will have access to clean drinking water during the dry season.