Manasseh Makiba

Exxon monitors peaceful protest

A spokesperson informed this newsroom following Komo-Margarima MP, Manasseh Makiba’s recent statement in parliament that the airport was shut down due to claims of outstanding land use compensation.

The spokesperson said ExxonMobil respects the right of individuals to protest but unlawfully preventing access to important infrastructure is not the way to constructively resolve issues. 

“We encourage everyone to work together to resolve this situation promptly and in an amicable manner. 

MP calls for independent quake report

Makiba’s constituency in Hela is one of the worst hit areas following the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

The MP said there is a lot of speculation and confusion and the people want answers.

In a media conference, Makiba said a factual report on the cause of the earthquake was needed to dispel the rumours and speculation that are rife.

He said this must be done immediately to put to rest speculation that the major resource projects in the area are responsible for the earthquakes, which was propagated by segments of the community.

Makiba commits to people

In a joint media conference in Port Moresby by the four Hela MPs, Akiba said there are issues in his district that needs government attention.

He said one of it was the royalty payment to the landowners.

He added that landowners of PDL1, Hides1, PDL7, Hides 4, Angore, PDL 8, Juha, PDL 9, Moran PDL5 and West Moran PDL6, as well as the pipeline landowners, have been waiting for almost 8 years now without any benefits from the royalty and equity payments.

He said since the signing of the UBSA and LBBSA in Kokopo in 2009, nothing has been forthcoming for his people.

Independents align with PNC

Komo-Margarima member-elect, Manasseh Makiba, and Koroba-Lake Kopiago member-elect, Petrus Thomas, both said today they will align with PNC but maintain their independent status.

Joined by returning MP for Tari-Pori, James Marape, both candidates highlighted the need for stability in government and continuous service delivery.

However, they mentioned they will commit to the coalition if the government commits to address issues in their respective electorates.

Newly-declared Member arrives in POM

Marape is a senior member of the ruling PNC Party and declared winner of Tari-Pori electorate of Hela Province.

Makiba, who stood as an independent candidate, was declared after polling 23,460 on Sunday.

On arrival at 12:30pm, the member-elect was met at the Government's air wing at Jackson’s International Airport by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

O’Neill is PNC Party leader.

However, the PM denied that the new member elect has joined the PNC Party camp.

"We will let them (independent candidates) make their own decisions."