Angry villagers close off NCD road

The roadblock begins in front of the Sabama market all the way to Mahuru.

The road was closed after an eviction notice had been served on a local woman living at the junction of Sabama-Pari intersection, to vacate her premises to allow for the road development to continue through.

There are also fears that the rest of the homes within the sphere of the road development may be removed, forcing locals to close the road until a proper explanation.

Reckless driving leads to head-on collision

A head-on collision between two 25-seaters occurred at Mahuru yesterday, and at least 5 people were injured.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident, which occurred at around 1.53pm, was caused by a speeding bus 10 that was heading towards Sabama.

15-year-old Butubu Nigani was crossing the road when the two buses collided right in front of her.

She said the white and green bus heading towards Sabama tried to overtake a vehicle in front of it when it blindly crashed into another bus 10 PMV in the oncoming lane.