Madang Provincial Health Authority (Madang PHA)

Data system in place for health authority

It encompasses various components such as electronic health records, telemedicine, health information exchange, and other digital tools and systems that aim to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of healthcare in PNG.

The electronic national health system in PNG is a comprehensive initiative that seeks to modernize the healthcare sector by leveraging technology to overcome challenges related to data management, communication, and service delivery.

Madang PHA looks to revamp service delivery

The Key Result Areas include:

  1. Effective communities through effective engagement
  2. Working Together in Partnership
  3. Increase access to quality and affordable health services
  4. Address disease burdens and targeted health priorities
  5. Strengthen health systems

Dr. Juith Gawi, Director of Curative Services (Emergency Physician), said there are so many factors dragging the Authority down, in terms of poor medical supplies and consumables, the aging workforce and run-down infrastructures.

Gaubin receives vaccine fridge

The rural hospital has been without a vaccine fridge and as such could not implement vaccination programs in its rural communities.

Digicel Foundation donated a solar powered vaccine fridge worth K57, 000.00.

The fridge will be used to store vaccines, blood samples, and has an ice maker. This is valuable when health workers travel into remote areas.

Digicel Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Serena Sasingian, enlightened people, staff and students at Gaubin about roles and functions of the Foundation and of their assistance to communities since its inception 2008.