Madang provincial assembly

Three new LLGs for Madang

The three new rural LLGs are Wanuma in the Middle Ramu district and North Karkar and South Karkar in Sumkar district.

The motion for the creation of the three new LLGs was introduced in the assembly by the Chairman of the Provincial and Local Government Affairs and President of Arabaka LLG, Lalau Kalus Karamuga.

Governor of Madang Province and Chairman of the Madang Provincial Assembly Ramsey Pariwa, following the majority’s approval for the three new LLGs, stated that the creation of the new LLGs is a historic occasion for Madang Province.

Council members tender resignation over mismanagement claims

A spokesperson (name withheld) told this newsroom that they disagreed with the way funds were being used as well as appointments being made, hence the tendering of resignation with the Provincial Affairs and Inter-Government Relations Department.

“For example, a cheque totaling over K1 million was issued last Friday while our Treasurer has been sidelined, making way for a crony to take up the post,” alleged the group.

“We hope our resignation will attract attention to the way our province is being run.”