Madang Provincial Administration

Sector heads get vehicles

Presented by the Deputy Provincial Administrator, Andrew Kambuka, at the National Works yard in Madang, the initiative is expected to significantly streamline operations and save taxpayer money.

“These new vehicles will directly address the high costs associated with using hire cars. By providing department heads with reliable and fuel-efficient transportation, we empower them to better serve the people of Madang without incurring unnecessary expenses,” stated Kambuka during the presentation ceremony.

PA called to release funds

This was raised after a petition was presented by the LLG to perspective town authorities.

President of Yawar LLG, Bogia in Madang Province, Thomas Kuangi called on the Madang Provincial Administrator Frank Lau to release funds to assist police and other sectors.  

He is concerned that the crime rate in the province has escalated in recent months causing unnecessary unrest.

Kuangi who is also a Provincial Executive Council member had issues to raise about the finances of the administration.

Service providers seek legal redress

Two weeks ago, they were addressed by Financial Manager, George Memke, where they called for another dialogue, this time with Governor Ramsey Pariwa and Provincial Administrator Frank Lau present.

Yesterday they stormed the provincial government house to get an audience with them. The lack of answers continues to frustrate the disgruntled business owners.

Mr Lau, who was there to address them, said there was no hold up of payments from his end and that initially, two budgets were made; one by him, and the other by the governor.