Madang Open MP

Duban withdraws petition against Kramer

The first term MP, says members can still have access to their DSIP, whilst defending an election petition in court.

“The only time they should be worried, is if he’s found guilty. That is only when the court will intervene and remove him from office.

“So if you are a member of parliament and if your election is being challenged, you have no excuse what so ever, to take issue.  You welcome it, get on with the job (service delivery).

“If you want to occupy public office, it comes with that (public office), your election will be challenged.

Respect should be shown to settlers: Kramer

This was the response from the Madang Open MP, Bryan Kramer, when queried on the issue of eviction of settlers in the Madang urban electorate.

Kramer disagrees that settlements are a major cause of law and order issues in the area.

However, he states this was one of his major campaign platforms and he will see to it that an appropriate approach in the matter is taken.