Madang Open

COUNTING: Madang seats expect declaration soon

The open seat, after elimination 22 yesterday, had five boxes remaining.

The RO confirmed that this won't take long, as they will begin the process around lunch time today.

Bogia Open has also progressed into most of its boxes after completing elimination 33 yesterday.

Bogia open RO Simon Sakipa is also confident they will complete the process today.

The tally for these two open seats now stand at: 


COUNTING: Madang Open progressive result – after elimination 20

The progressive tally: 

COUNTING: Madang Open progressive result – after count 60

Madang open candidate Bryan Kramer has held his spot until the last boxes were counted.

After the final count 60, Kramer bagged 15,621 votes on primary votes alone.

The progressive result: 


COUNTING: Madang Open’s progressive results – after count 14

The progressive results: