Luther Sipison

Sipison vows to work with Tkatchenko

Sipison said this in a media conference earlier this week following a meeting with Department management.

Sipison was reinstated following a National Court decision on April 16, 2018 quashing his suspension in light of the Manumanu land deal controversy.

Flanked by former Acting Lands Secretaries, Oswald Tolopa, and Tiri Wanga, and senior Lands Department Staff, Sipison, announced his resumption of duty as Lands Secretary.

He said he was relieved and glad to be back after 14 months of suspension.

NCDC moves in demolishes Kaugere Hill settlement

Community leader Don Mune says all they know is that NCDC had authorised this action to have the settlers vacate the land and move out as soon as possible as some development was going to take place.

Mune says he is disappointed that Governor Parkop would do such a thing by inviting other people like developers to come in the name of development while ordinary Papua New Guineans would suffer.