Lukautim Graun Program

USAID And Outspan To Support Cocoa Farmers

The partnership provides training to women smallholder cocoa farmer as well as to provide first aid kits to treat minor injuries. USAID’s most recent contribution includes first aid kits worth over PGK5700 for 20 women cocoa farmers in Markham and Huon Gulf electorates in Morobe Province. 

Resource Centre Receives Donations

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Locals Undergo Financial Literacy Training

Nineteen participants graduated with financial ‘training of trainers’, recently and this training was made epossible through LGP in partnership with the Center for Excellence in Financial Inclusion.

Through the training program, representatives from provincial administrations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and women’s groups learn how to conduct financial literacy training sessions for people in their home communities.

Jiwaka Women Trained In Financial Literacy

The training was delivered to 20 participants from various women’s groups, conservation groups and staff of Jiwaka provincial administration.

The training was conducted under the USAID LGP ‘Women’s Empowerment Program’ and aims to produce a pool of financial literacy trainers to specifically to support rural and remote communities in six provinces in Papua New Guinea.

NGO’s train in project management

Training commenced on 28th February and ended on 2nd March with coordinators, financial and program staff from different NGOS attending. The Project Management training is part of the Lukautim Graun Program grant awarding process.  

USAID LGP Financial Management Training

The training in Goroka is for recipients of grants from the USAID PNG Lukautim Graun Program (LGP). 

Through the USAID’s LGP program, grants are provided enabling NGO partners to conduct activities on the ground strengthening the biodiversity conservation, women’s economic empowerment, local governance and livelihoods in PNG.

USAID Provides Global Leadership

Since achieving independence in 1975, PNG has struggled to translate its natural resource wealth into sustainable social and economic development for its citizens.

Despite being one of only 17 megadiverse countries, the USAID PNG Lukautim Graun Program (LGP) aims to protect Papua New Guinea’s rich biodiversity, which is under increasing threat from industrial development, population growth, and other anthropogenic factors.

Program focuses on rural women

The Lukautim Graun Program provides support to the PNG Government for conservation and protection of the country’s rich biodiversity. An estimated 85 percent of PNG’s population lives in rural and remote areas and, consistent with global trends, poverty levels are higher in these communities than in towns and cities.

The livelihoods and wellbeing of people living in these rural and remote areas is directly tied to the wellbeing and health of the environment. The stability and health of communities depends on the stability and health of the ecosystems that surround them.