Luis Fonsi

Despacito stars condemn Venezuela's Maduro over political remix

President Nicolas Maduro presented an altered version during his weekly television show on Sunday.

The reworked lyrics promoted his plans for a controversial new citizen's assembly, which will be elected on Sunday to rewrite the constitution.

Puerto Rican stars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee branded it an outrage.

The president was seen clapping along to the remix, as his audience danced.

"Our call to the 'Constituent Assembly' only seeks to unite the country ... Despacito!" go the new lyrics.

'Despacito' is now the most streamed song of all time

In a mere six months after its release date, the hit song made history on Wednesday for being the most streamed track of all time, according to Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

The song by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and reggaetón star Daddy Yankee and its accompanying remix featuring Justin Bieber have combined global streams of more than 4.6 billion plays across leading streaming platforms, the label said.

The story behind 'Despacito's' rise to the top

A bilingual fusion of reggaeton and pop, "Despacito," which translates in English to slowly, has burned steadily up the charts. A remix of the song, featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, has been on Billboard's Hot 100 list for eight weeks straight -- a feat made more notable because it's the first Spanish-language song to do so since the "Macarena" two decades ago.

Fonsi, a Puerto Rican-born singer who grew up in Miami, recently spoke with CNN about the making of this summer's unofficial anthem.