Lucielle Paru

Woman leader disputes negative portrayal of Manus

Woman leader Lucielle Paru expressed concern over the damaging image being showcased through the Manus asylum seekers situation.

“Within PNG, we know that we are wonderful people. But the way the international people keep stressing that Manus is full of violence and the asylum seekers are unsafe around Lorengau, or anywhere within Manus, is really, really bad,” says Paru.

Paru points out that though the asylum seekers do not have access to food and water at the detention centre, Manus locals have stepped in to help.

Central landowners against illegal land deal

Central Province Pressure Group spokesperson, Lucielle Paru, says the land has been sold to people who had no right over it.

The meet was held to address the issue of the illegal land grabs that are taking place in Central and the recent land grab of Manumanu that had two high profile ministers step aside from their portfolios for allegations of involvement.

From Gabadi, Kairuku-Hiri, Paru said the land itself, as per the Defence organisation, is not suitable for a naval base and that it goes 10 kilometres inland.