Lombrum Naval Base

Manus govt worried over naval base plans

This is according to the Manus Provincial Government committee that was created early this month to act on behalf of the MPG, in relation to Australia and the US interest in placing navies on Lombrum.

On December 7th, the Manus Provincial Government approved for the establishment of the ‘Manus Position Committee’ (MPC) which includes the Manus Provincial Administrator and 11 other highly qualified Manusians from a wide background.

Aust Minister clarifies Lombrum plan

Speaking to media after the APEC Ministerial Meeting, Payne said they will be working closely with the PNG Government and defence forces to build the facility.

“Australia has indicated that we will be working with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force and Papua New Guinea Government to develop some shared facilities there, not an Australian Naval Base,” said Minister Payne.

Refugees verbally abuse female residents: Local

The female resident, who did not want to be named, said mothers and daughters of PNGDF Naval officers also get intimidated by refugees when they come out of the Regional Processing Centre.    

“These men had been behind the fence for almost four years and the way they act and talk when they pass women is close to sexual harassment,” she said.

Also, the behaviour of these refugees got the ire of Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin, who told Parliament last week that their safety is not guaranteed when they are outside because of their behaviour towards locals.