LLG Presidents

LLG Presidents Boycott Provincial Budget

Suwai LLG President, Joe Waure Muel told this newsroom that the presidents are in Port Moresby to put a stop to the 2022 Simbu Provincial Budget.

He said Chimbu people have not been informed of why the budget is being boycotted.

Mr Muel claimed that Governor, Michael Dua is now running around trying to persuade relevant Ministers to approve the budget without the provincial assembly members input.  

Councilors to vote LLG Presidents

Minister Isifu confirmed that by law all LLG Presidents be elected by the Councilors, and not the people. This is to avoid further issues.

Isifu said the Government had rescinded its decision to allow voters elect the LLG President after so many issues arose out of.

“due to so many issues arising and as a result of direct election of heads if the LLG, NEC made a decision, number 375 of 2015, rescinded its previous decision to have the President direct by the voters. These are on-going issues because of the direct election of the President.”