Lihir Island

Nasfund Welcomes New Members

These 800 members, are employees of 200 landowner companies who provide services to Newcrest Mining Limited (NML), through Lihir Business Services (LBS).

All 200 landowner companies this week received their Employer Registration Certificates, confirming their membership to Papua New Guinea’s leading superannuation provider.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Tarutia welcomed the newly registered employers and praised the management of each entity for the responsible decision to provide a secure financial future for their employees through superannuation savings with Nasfund. 

Lihir people pledge to support Sir J

It was a welcome never seen before and a true expression of the appreciation and gratitude by the people of Lihir to Sir Julius Chan and Minister Byron Chan during their visit to the islands last Friday.

The people went all out in traditional sing-sing and made gift presentations to the Governor, expressing their heartfelt and sincere appreciation for the policies they have benefited from for the last nine years.

Tsunami-like waves hit Lihir Island

Locals on the island’s Londolovit Township were alerted of the event after the shorelines and reefs dried up as the water was pulled back.   

Small boats that were in the sea were pushed into the town, causing flooring. Schools and business houses were shut down soon after.

Six people still missing in Namatanai waters

Namatanai Emergency Office told Loop PNG yesterday that of the four woman, three were students heading to Lihir for holidays.

Emergency officer Esther Manok said they left Tanga Island on April 5 and are yet to be found.

She told Loop PNG that the search and rescue team is still searching for the six people.

She said the weather at that time on April 5 was not good as rains and thunderstorms were being experienced.

She said it’s almost two weeks now and they are yet to be found.

Students visit Lihir gold mine

The schools were Olekowa, Samo, Palie Primary School and Lihir International Primary School.

The students had the opportunity to learn about the importance of observing road and vehicle safety signs.

Their tours started with awareness on the NMSW theme of ‘Vehicle and Road Safety’ followed by talks on the importance of Safety at the mine and plant site.

Other activities during the week-long observation promoting the NMSW theme included a Primary Schools Poster competition, a quiz, and song and slogan competition.

Lihir islands urged to report marijuana cultivators

Lihir Police Station Commander Senior Inspector Elizah Taksir made the call following information to police of people engaging in these illegal activities.

Taskir says the police will be keeping a look out for those cultivating marijuana and despite the fact that the police on Lihir had limited resources, they will still monitor these illegal activities and arrest those involved.