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Kava drinking club - cool or cultural appropriation?

The multi-cultural group meets up for a drink each week, and is part of a trend that has seen kava go beyond its Pacific roots, but the Kava Society has got some social media users hot under the collar. 

But one of its founding members, Zbigniew Dumieński, said the group didn't pretend to follow any rituals or ceremonies and thinks it would be bad, culturally, if they did. 

He said his initial interest in kava was sparked while he was in the Cook Islands and Niue for research. 

Ben Awa: Conscious parenting

At the weekly meetings of Plunket's Improve for Change group in Wainuiomata – which Awa leads – dads are working on themselves in order to strengthen relationships with tamariki and whanau.

About five years ago, Awa says he made the decision that he wanted to wake up happier and more positive.

The first step was to work on himself from the inside, he says.

"I found out that there were tools I'd never had in my kete and started to implement those in family life."

Around that time, his wife saw a job ad for a Plunket Parenting Facilitator at Rimutaka Prison.