Lesieli Taviri

Taviri Leads New Role

Today, Thursday 25th of November, she was appointed PNG Country Head and spokesperson for Kina Bank.

Lesieli is the Executive General Manager for the Kina Bank branch networks and operations across the country and has an outstanding career in tech and the energy sectors and more recently the financial services sectors. She has clocked 12 months with Kina since October 2021.

In her new expanded role, she has been tasked with added responsibilities with her appointment as PNG Country Head and the formal spokesperson for Kina Bank.

Women’s coalition steps in to address FSV


This common issue reduces productivity, increases absenteeism and increases costs associated with employee turnover and security.

And again, women are more often the victims.

Because of this, the Business Coalition for Women (BCFW) has stepped in to help businesses address this issue.

Lesieli Taviri, chairperson of BCFW and CEO of PNG Origin, was part of a panel to discuss on FSV. This eventuated during a newly-introduced live question and answer program, aired by TVWan, last Wednesday.