Social Workers need legislation

On Thursday 8th of December, the executives announced their intention to work towards a legislation that will protect and discipline practitioners.

PNG Social Workers Association President, Dunstan Lawihin, in a media conference said that since 1974, there have been graduates from UPNG under Social Works but there is no legal record of who they are and where they are, because there is no relevant legislation to govern and monitor them.

Lands Department eyes new legislation

Strata title allows individual ownership of part of a property, whilst sharing ownership in common property like driveways or gardens.

In a press briefing yesterday afternoon, Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko said strata titles provide a further option for home and property ownership to our people.

“Most countries now allow you to have a strata title, which means that you have a title for the apartment or the actual flat or unit that you are buying,” he explained.

​Time for legislation change: PNGEITI

According to the Papua New Guinea Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (PNGEITI), the time is ripe for changes to the legislation given the changing landscape of projects in the country.

Head of the PNGEITI National Secretariat, Lucas Alkan, said greater cooperation was needed between all stakeholders to put in place better fiscal and regulatory mechanism for the good of the industry and the economy at large. 

Legislation may be passed for Jomat Passage in Milne Bay

He said this in Parliament today when responding to Milne Bay Governor, Titus Philemon, who raised several questions relating to the sea passage.

Governor Philemon asked the Government if they were aware of the increasing volume of ships using the passage, especially from Australia and New Zealand, as a cheap route for exporting purposes.

He said the passage was home to diverse marine life and the increasing activity may affect it as the people depended on the passage as well  for a living as well as for small scale commercial means.