Legal year 2018

Wabag opens Legal Year

Residents of Wabag town, the capital of Enga Province, witnessed members of the legal fraternity and law and justice sector usher in the 2018 legal year.

It was also significant as the province welcomed Justice Ravunama Auka following his permanent appointment and swearing in as a judge of the National and Supreme Court for the next 10 years.

He had been presiding in cases at Wabag as an acting judge in the National Court for the past two years.

Legal fraternity opens year with service

Like any other sector, the agencies gathered to acknowledge the creator through a commissioning service this morning.

Those in Lae gathered at the St Mary’s Cathedral in Top Town while the dedication service for those in NCD was held at the CRC Bethel Tabernacle of Praise at Waigani.

Traffic came to a standstill this morning along the Koura way as members of the legal fraternity, led by the combined disciplinary forces, marched into the church for the service.