Near empty medicine cabinets

The Kavieng MP and shadow Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckey, reconfirmed reports by health workers on ground that vital drugs are not available.

Ling-Stuckey visited the Puas Sub-Health Centre in the Lavongai LLG, where he asked the sister in charge and her able second in charge whether they had any antibiotics.

“No sir, they all ran out two months ago and we don’t expect any more supplies until March 2019,” he was told.

“I also asked whether they have any anti-malaria tablets. ‘We have one and a half week’s supply then we run out completely’.

NIPG served petition following ethnic clash

The petition was served yesterday (Sept 5) morning after an ethnic clash between the Sepiks and Lavongais at the Kavieng Market on September 4th.

Strict regulation of betelnut supply at the Kavieng market, the implementation of Small Craft Act, the implantation of the Vagrancy Act and immediate eviction and repatriation of the Pawa-Wosera community topped the 11-point petition.

The demands were accompanied by resolutions.