Late Susan Karike Huhume

Scholarship launched in memory of late flag designer

In a small but significant ceremony on September 13th in Ramu, the SI Ramu Club coinciding with the Independence Celebration of Ramu International Primary School, had Nanny Huhume, husband of Late Susan Karike Huhume, officially launch the memorial scholarship honouring his wife.

First independence anniversary without our flag designer

The late Susan Karike-Huhume passed away on the afternoon of April 11 at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

In 1971, at the tender age of 15, the late Karike-Huhume played a major role in contributing to the identity of this country.

During that time, the country was preparing for independence so the government invited all Papua New Guineans to enter a designs competition to help find a PNG flag.

Late Huhume finally laid to rest

The late flag designer was buried this afternoon at the Nine-Mile cemetery, outside Port Moresby, in a small ceremony. The event was attended by family members, relatives and members of the Urban Youth Employment Project.

The UYEP took charge of her burial, including the tomb design, while her funeral was held two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the late Huhume’s family, from Gulf Province, are disappointed with the way the State has treated the pride of Meii village.

They are now calling on the government to start a new competition and get a new flag.

Late Karike-Huhume to be farewelled

Eldest son Philip Huhume told Loop PNG that the late PNG flag designer’s funeral service will be held on Sunday, July 16.

“Her funeral service will be held at 3pm at the St Francis of Assisi Parish at Gordon’s Police Barracks,” says Philip.

“After the funeral, her body will be returned to the Dove Funeral Home until we finalise her burial arrangements.

“The Urban Youth Employment Project, from the National Capital District Commission, have stepped in to design her tomb.

“We are currently in talks with them.”

Late Huhume’s body still at funeral home

PNG’s flag designer has not been buried yet due to misunderstandings between her family and the Government.

Eldest son Philip Huhume told Loop PNG that they had planned to bury her on May 25, if the Government promptly addresses their concerns.

“We came up with a tentative haus krai and funeral plan, which was submitted to the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council,” he said.

​State takes charge of Huhume’s body

The late PNG flag designer’s husband, Nanny Huhume, told Loop PNG that after more than 3 weeks of waiting, the government finally contacted them on Monday.

“We went to the National Executive Council’s office and were given the assurance that the body belongs to the state now,” says Nanny.

“When they are ready, they will let me know whether Mama (Susan) will have a state funeral or not.”

The family is hoping that their mother could also be buried on Independence Hill.

Loop PNG's 5@5

‘The girl who drew’

Loop PNG noted the overwhelming response received when our designer passed away. Among them was a writer from Morobe Province, Bruce Horick, who has dedicated a composition to our national icon.


By Bruce Horick

When she sat with her papers and colours

I wonder what that little girl saw

That made her draw a legacy

Which will outlast even her own

I still long to look through her eyes

To grasp what her heart captured

PM pays tribute to Susan Huhume

“It is with sadness that we have learned of the passing of the designer of our Nation’s flag, Susan Karike Huhume,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“Her simple and very effective visual creation is one of the symbols that binds our people together and builds a feeling of unity.

“The fact that a fifteen-year-old girl, as she was in 1971, could design such an iconic image of our country speaks of the talent she had.