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Radio personality Douglas Dimagi pays tribute to late Hau’ofa

Radio personality and current co-host of the famous FM100 Talkback Show, Douglas Dimagi has paid tribute to radio legend the late Roger Hau’ofa.

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Radio personality Douglas Dimagi pays tribute to late Hau’ofa

Dimagi started his career in 1995 and grew up listening to late Hau’ofa.

Dimagi remembered late Hau’ofa as someone who has always talked about serving and helping others.

Dimagi said that the biggest impact that Hau’ofa had on him as a young radio broadcaster was a time he actually hosted the Talkback Show during PNG’s Sandline crisis issue in 1997.

“The Sandline crisis issue shook the whole country but through radio, Roger was able to calm and put ease the whole country.

Show thanks listeners for tributes

Current Talkback Show co-host Douglas Dimagi said they have received hundreds of tributes throughout the week following Hau’ofa’s passing on Saturday, March 4.

Hau’ofa served the radio industry for more than 50 years and hosted the popular radio talkback show since its inception in 1995 up until mid-2016.

“We acknowledge the overwhelming response and support we’ve been getting through the show this week,” said Dimagi.

“We have had many callers and radio personalities who have paid tribute to the legendary Roger Hau’ofa.”

Bonner Tito: Late Roger Hau’ofa will be missed on the airwaves

Since Monday this week, the show has been running tributes and condolence messages for the late Hau’ofa right up until the end of the week.

Hau’ofa passed away peacefully at 11:42pm on Saturday, March at Iare village in Kairuku District, Central Province after suffering from kidney disease.

Tito said that Hau’ofa was a great man and he leaves behind a great life and legacy.

“The FM100 radio station will miss this mentor and the champion.

“He was the champion of champions in radio journalism and that’s something that we will hold as treasure here.

Funeral for late Roger Hau’ofa on Friday

The public funeral program will commence at 1pm and is expected to end at 4pm.

Kalang Advertising Limited (KAL) operations manager and current FM100 Talkback Show host, Bonner Tito confirmed that the company has suspended all its programs during the funeral to pay tribute.

Tito said they’ll be doing a running commentary on the funeral at the venue.

The Talkback Show has been running tributes and condolence messages for the whole week leading up to the funeral.