Late Justice Martin Ipang

Sir Salamo pays tribute to late judge

He said the late judge was a role model in his community and among his colleagues.

Sir Salamo said late Ipang was very committed and always made fair decisions.

Meantime, Madang Governor Peter Yama described the late Justice Ipang as a very transparent judge.

Yama extended his gratitude to Sir Salamo for bringing the late judge home despite his busy schedule.

Hela Provincial Administrator William Bando also made the same comments and hailed the people of Madang for producing a man of integrity like the late judge Martin Ipang.

New court complex planned for Tari

Hela Provincial Administrator William Bando made the announcement last night when bringing the body of the late judge to his village.

Apart from that, the Hela Provincial Government will also pay for the school fees of the first child from elementary all the way to university.

Bando explained that however, now that the first child has already completed his studies, the commitment will be transferred to the judge’s second child.

Bando described the late judge as a warrior in his own right.

Final respects paid to late judge

The late judge was flown from Port Moresby on Sunday.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia handed the late judge’s body over to the provincial government.

It was a rough journey through tracks and rivers before the late judge's body arrived at his home last night.

More than 100 vehicles from the Madang Provincial Government convoyed with the body.

The late Justice Ipang’s funeral service is currently underway at the Malala Secondary School hall.

Madang welcomes late judge

More than 100 vehicles convoyed with the body of the late judge around the town before stopping at the Madang National Court House.

Whilst at the Madang National Court House, the body of the late Justice was handed over to the Madang Provincial Government by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Madang Governor Peter Yama accepted the body of the late judge and described him as a leader who did not take sides nor fear making decisions in court.

The late judge passed away in Port Moresby on April 3. It is understood he was brought to Port Moresby for medical treatment.

Madang prepares to welcome late judge

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, along with Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, other judges and government leaders will be accompanying the late Judge.

Governor Peter Yama will be receiving the body at the airport.

More than 50 vehicles have been arranged to do a convoy around the town before heading to Bogia for the burial.

The late Justice will be buried at his home village at Wakorma.

Judiciary farewells Judge Ipang

The late judge who presided over cases in Tari, Hela province, passed on in the early hours of April 3rd in Port Moresby after an illness. He was 52.

From the remote villages of Warkoma- Medebur in the Bogia district of Madang province, the late Justice Martin Ipang began his career with the Lae City Council and in 1991 as a magistrate in the Morobe province.

While serving as a magistrate, he attended UPNG where he obtained his law degree in 2002.