Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare

Albanese pays respect to Chief Sir Michael

The visit took place on the second day of his two-day visit to Papua New Guinea; the first for any Australian Prime Minister in over four years.

Both prime ministers were received by the Somare family into their home where respects were paid by the leaders to a great man and leader in Sir Michael.

Following the visit to the Somare residence, the delegation laid wreaths and paid respects at Mission Hill Boys Town.

The Mission Hill was the site of the Japanese 18th Army headquarters. It saw heavy fighting in May 1945.

MRDC Supports Memorial Eve Tribute

The Late Great Grand Chief had a long and remarkable relationship with the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC).

At Independence Somare set up the state-owned company to participate in the development of the mineral resources, and manage and grow the wealth the resource revenue generated.

MRDC has since evolved into an iconic state-owned management company holding landowner interests of its beneficiaries in the PNGLNG Project, the Ok Tedi, Porgera and Ramu Nickel mines and the oil projects of Gobe, Moran and Kurubu.

Governor Parkop Pays Tribute

In paying tribute to Great Grand Chief Somare on Independence Day, Governor Parkop reminded Papua New Guineans to embrace and be guided by positive values and principles in their personal and public life.

He said Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare succeeded in moulding our leaders, people and country together because he was guided by strong faith in our people and he had vision, character and values.

Teak planted in Somare Compartment

The stumps were planted in mid-March, during the commemoration of the annual United Nations sanctioned International Day of Forests held at Kuriva Forestry Plantation, an hour’s drive out of Port Moresby.

The Forestry sector takes its hat off to the Grand Chief who, during his term as Prime Minister, led international talks which greatly progressed forestry and climate change initiatives.

In 2002, the Somare-led Government introduced the Export Driven Recovery Strategy to resurrect the ailing economy.

Fr Jan pays tribute to Sir Michael

The tribute service was held in early March in the administration building of the newly established Western Pacific University campus in Ialibu-Pangia District of the Southern Highlands Province.

WPU's executive chair, Professor Fr. Jan, emphasised that the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was passionate about improving the country’s education system.

Pomaleu disappointed at airport breach

Pomaleu, who is the Secretary for Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council, said he understood the people’s wish to see the Grand Chief be given an honourable repatriation that is fit for the Founding Father of our Nation, but their right to express their wish should be done within the parameters of the laws.

UK’s PM expresses sadness

In a letter dated March 11th, the UK PM offered his government’s deepest condolences.

“Sir Michael’s title as ‘Father of the Nation’ is richly deserved, having overseen the birth of Papua New Guinea as a sovereign, independent nation and valued member of the Commonwealth,” PM Johnson stated.

“The honours bestowed on Sir Michael by Her Majesty the Queen bear witness to his stature and the regard with which he was held.

He fought for our freedom: Sir Gibbs

The head of the judiciary was part of the special parliament sitting on Thursday, March 11th, to bid farewell to the founding father of the nation.

Sir Gibbs urged Papua New Guineans to guard their PNG identity with integrity and respect.

In a patriotic speech, he said it was fitting that leaders from the three arms of government, including the Governor General, bid farewell to the founding father of the nation in the house that he built.

Sir Gibbs said his death has united the country.

Funds approved for ENB haus krai

East New Britain Governor, Nakikus Konga, made the announcement early this week.

A formal invitation to this effect took place last week when the East New Britain community, led by Governor Nakikus Konga and Provincial Administrator, Wilson Matava, visited Sir Michael’s haus krai in Port Moresby.

The invitation was done through the laying of traditional Tolai shell money, or tabu, by the four East New Britain MPs, senior statesman and former MP Sir Sinai Brown, to begin the process.

Late Sir Michael was a faithful husband, father

He was described as a devoted Catholic Christian who was faithful to his faith and practiced it by attending mass regularly.

Catholic priest, Fr. Michael Watae, a close friend and spiritual mentor from Wewak Diocese, made this statement before leading the opening prayer during the greater Sepik haus krai

“I’ve come to the realisation that papa Tunga was very, very faithful to mama Lady Veronica. His faithfulness to this one woman in his life made him become a very, very powerful moral compass for the nation.