Late Fred Konga

Konga case: Investigations hit brick wall

According to police, investigations have come to a standstill, as there haven’t been any new developments.

Police say the case shooting is a very difficult one as no witnesses have come forward to identify either suspects or the vehicle.

The case is still with Homicide and investigators are still looking at it to try to bring forward the investigations.

Described by police as an execution style shooting, the late Konga was driving along the Freeway towards Hohola on the morning of the 24th of August when he was shot.

Investigations ongoing for Konga case

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi told Loop PNG that the Criminal Investigation Division is still working on it, and more information is still needed.

Turi said this is not an easy case, adding that obviously, people are hiding their tracks.

He said police are slowly recovering information and should be able to produce a full investigative report on Mr Konga’s shooting in the weeks ahead.

Mr. Konga’s shooting was confirmed by police as an execution style shooting.

​Konga’s death shocking

At his funeral on Thursday (Sept 7) at Romunga Village, Anglimp, Jiwaka Province, eldest son, Wellington, said his father’s life was stolen from the family.

“He didn’t die a slow, peaceful death,” said Wellington.

“He was taken in the middle of the road, on a freeway, a public highway.

“His life was robbed.”

The CEO of the Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (ICCC), Paulus Ain, also shared similar sentiments.

“He wasn’t even sick and we have no tribal enemies,” said Ain.

“We had no issues with anyone.”

​Late Konga’s body repatriated

On arrival at the Kagamuga International Airport in Mt Hagen, from Port Moresby, the casket was then flown over by chopper to his village in the Anglimp South Waghi District.

His immediate relatives and tribesmen convoyed to receive his body at the airport. The atmosphere was fused with heavy emotion as the vehicles passed along the highway to his village.

At Rolgomb Village, thousands turned up to receive his casket.