Late Dr Alphonse Rongap Snr

​Daughter pays tribute to late Dr Rongap Snr

In a moving funeral service, late Doctor Alphonse Rongap Snr's daughter, Dr Violet Rongap, said her dad was a simple and down-to-earth doctor who respected all he knew.

She said many of his studies and courses he took and the profession he had gone through were all for his children.

"What he gained during his training whilst serving respective hospitals in the country were for the betterment of the children.

"And through this, he had a lot of friends. He was so simple and humble,” she said through tear-filled eyes.

​Police apprehend another suspect in late Dr Rongap Snr’s case

The suspect from Pindiu, Morobe Province, lives at Backroad Malahang. He was surrounded by police at a location at Tari Block at the back of Awagasi, Kamkumung.

Lae metropolitan superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr says he was identified by witnesses who believed he was part of the gang that attacked Dr Rongap Snr last Saturday.

They alleged that he had fled his area at backroad and was on the run when informants alerted police, who then moved quickly to the area to apprehend him.