Lands Minister Benny Alan

State has power to revoke leases

Parkop says many of the ongoing court battles between the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and companies or individuals over state land can be avoided if the Lands Minister and Secretary revoke leases given under suspicious circumstances.

‘The minister and Secretary for Lands, they can just one go, clean it out, say that it belongs to the public, and that’s it. They have the power to revoke whatever lease that has been granted out.

“Because at the end of the day, the land that is in the city that belongs to the state and remains state land,” Parkop said.

Landowners urged to re-register ILGs

“Under the old Act those ILG groups that have registered will expire on February 17, 2017, meaning the new Act will come into force,” Minister Alan said in Parliament on Friday.

He added that landowners will have to renew their ILG certificates by advertising it in the media and if there is no objection the ILG will be renewed under the new Act.

Minister Alan also challenged all parliamentarians to encourage their people to register their customary land and not sell it cheaply.

The Minister was responding to a question from Pomio MP Elias Kapavore.