Drunkards beat teen, raze home

Among this group of eight men were three soldiers from the PNG Defence Force Goldie Barracks.

The incident occurred late yesterday afternoon.

Residents living at this settlement block met with members of the hierarchy at Goldie Barracks today to explain what had occurred.

The man, whose house was burnt down, is a serving member of the PNG Defence Force also.

His teenaged son was accused of theft and beaten up.

He and his family were assured by the Goldie Barracks hierarchy that an investigation will take place.

Klinpela wara saplai bilong Laloki

Aste i bin gat wanpela brukim graun seremoni long Laloki haus sik long kirapim wara saplai bilong haus sik, bihain long ol i bin pasim inap wanpela mun.

Long 10 Epril Laloki haus sik i bin pas taim ol wokman na wokmeri i stopim wok bikos i no gat gutpela klinpela wara long lukautim sikman na ol wokman tu. Dispela hevi i bin stap inap 19 yia olgeta.

Dispela em bikos ol lain i stap long ol setelmen klostu i wok long brukim na stilim wara long paip na haus sik i wok long kisim wara long ol hul wara klostu long banis bilong haus sik.


Laloki issue administrative, not industrial

This follows media publications about the staff planning industrial action if they don’t receive a favourable response from the Health Department after it carries out a workforce assessment to determine the hospitals workforce structure.

Health Secretary Pasco Kase said there are issues with the proposed structure. 

He said the proposed structure does not comply with set standards and did not meet the requirements of the law.

Kase wants the Acting CEO of Laloki Psychiatric Hospital to go to the Health Department and talk to the Human Resource Team.

22 psychiatric inmates discovered at Bomana

A similar case to what was discovered two years ago by the National Court, there are 22 inmates currently at Bomana.

They were referred for assessment at Laloki to verify their state of mind. This has to be done for those waiting trial to find out if they will be in the right state of mind to answer to the allegations, which they are arrested and charged for.  

Under the law, before a person can plead to a charge, he must be of sane mind or understand what he is answering to.

The aftermath

But the aftermath of the past few days is still evident.

The Laloki River just outside NCD flooded its banks late yesterday.

It flowed into residential areas and was about waist deep by this morning.

Resident Agnes Moroi said this is a usual yearly occurrence, one that greatly affects residents of the area.

Families were forced to harvest their gardens, commuting into the area stopped and other daily routines slowed.

Some families had to relocate their livestock and find a temporary option until the flood level goes down.

​Residents urged to take care of infrastructure

Nali made the call after inspecting the Laloki and Brown River bridges today.

“Infrastructure like this cost a lot of money,” he stressed.

“And one thing that I will ask from the Central people and others is to look after these infrastructure and forget about the ‘no care’ attitude.

“We must take ownership of such and make it our priority to look after them because it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with such infrastructure.”

He called on the people to report any acts of vandalism.