Laimo Asi

Police commander commends Central community

Central police Commander Laimo Asi says there have been no major election-related issues in the past month.

Operations with personnel are going well with Asi sighting that the highways will be a major concern given the influx of vehicles conveying in from the city.

He further commended his officers and the community for the joint effort in making the process peaceful and smooth since the start of the pre-election operations.

Asi says all operational orders have been sighted and given out to his respective field commanders.

One dead in Sogeri crash

Central police commander Laimo Asi says the death took place when a hired PMV bus got into an accident outside the Rouna 4 area.

Unfortunately, Asi could not provide additional details as his traffic officers are yet to finalise the initial site report.

The PPC only confirmed that the bus was on hire from a church group at the time of the incident.

Asi says the initial time of the incident was at 7pm but not much detail of the incident was given as yet to his office.

Speeding costs lives!

This was the reprimand given by the Central police commander, Laimo Asi, when speaking about a fatal accident caused by speeding over the weekend.

PPC Asi says a woman was killed while 5 others were seriously injured when a 15-seater bus from Tubuserea was involved in an accident with a 15-seater bus from Rigo.

The accident took place on Thursday, May 4th, at around 6am around the City Mission area.

Police report that the Tubuserea bus was pulling to the side of the road to let off some passengers when the bus from Rigo collided into them.

VIDEO: Central police warn motorists

He raised this concern following the rise in accidents that have been occurring constantly. 

Central police commander suggests partial buai ban


Central police commander Laimo Asi suggests that one area that the leaders in the province must support is the introduction of control measures for the buai trade.

Asi says he is suggesting for the provincial government to support his personnel and impose a “partial” buai ban.

The PPC says while he would ideally like to see the trade shut down realistically, this will not be the case as many depend on the thriving trade to make ends meet.

Central buai sellers fight off Highlanders

On Monday a fight broke out at Agevairua between a PMV truck from Mekeo and buai buyers who tried to forcefully board the PMV and take out buai bags.

Central police commander Laimo Asi says the Highlanders wanted to force the locals to sell their buai at a discounted price rather than go to the market and sell.

However, the villagers outnumbered the sellers and fought them off.

Police was fast to respond and managed to calm the situation before things got out of hand.

Police hunting for sexual abuse suspect

Central police commander Laimo Asi said the 35-year-old man has been on the run from police since the incident on April 7.

Police reported that the suspect, armed with a home-made gun, threatened the 13-year-old girl and assaulted her.

The incident took place at the victim’s home, which is on the outskirts of Gabagaba village.

PPC Asi says no motive has been established behind the attack, but police are working on leads to track down the man and bring him into custody.

Central to beef up police presence

This will be from June 24 to July 8th.

An awareness is being conducted by police officers, and a briefing will be held this week on operations during the eight-week campaign period.

Provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, said his officers had a briefing to outline the respective areas in policing during the campaign period.

"My command will localise and monitor all campaigning activities to individual police stations."

Despite informal reports of early campaigning taking place, PPC Asi said no one has officially laid complaints yet.

Central PPC Asi dismissed rumours of rape and killings

According to the post, a young girl was travelling in a bus with six men when she sent a text to the brother who was allegedly a soldier from Goldie Barracks telling him she was in a bus with six other men but she was later raped and killed by the six men.

The brother after receiving the text allegedly waited with some soldiers a turn off section of the highway but when the bus arrived, the girl was nowhere to be found.

It was alleged that the soldiers shot all six men and disposed of their body.

Police say landowner protests illegal

Asi said there is no approval given by authorities to stage the protest.

The PPC, who was at the site this morning told Loop PNG that he had warned landowners not to cause any damage to the plant site but to allow the operation to continue as normal.

He had advised them that the protest was illegal and while the landowners have been reluctant to back off, they promised to do it peacefully.

Asi said his men are on the ground to protect facilities and to ensure the protest does not turn rowdy.