Lae Police

Lae police boss warns criminals

The Lae Metropolitan Police Commander Anthony Wagambie  issued the warning to all criminals that police in Lae are now stepping up operations.

He says that this step up in operations is to counter the high number of stolen motor vehicles and armed robberies within the city area.

Wagambie says that all police units in Lae have been on high alert for such troubles and will deal with anyone carrying out or attempting to commit armed robberies.

Armed robbery foiled in Lae

Lae Metropolitan Police Commander Anthony Wagambie tells PNG Loop that on December 29th  police received information that there was an armed robbery planned to take place at Theodist Lae.

Police took the tip and launched an operation to monitor the area.

Wagambie says the report verified that a Toyota Hilux single cab had been stolen from the main market and then taken straight to Theodist and parked outside with the would-be robbers inside.

Plain clothes police on the scene spotted  the vehicle and watched it and those inside.

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Driver attacked, takings stolen

A Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) driver was attacked and the conductor was robbed of their takings over the weekend.


Soldiers in student killing case await bail decision

Police chief warns Games reinforcements to stay off grog

Chief Superintendent Iven Lakatani gave the orders today after releasing his officers to Port Moresby tomorrow.


"I want all of you to refrain from drinking for the next 14 days. It is imperative that this is compulsory for us to concentrate on the game's duties and not to socialize while on duty," he said.

He said all he needs is complete commitment to the duty of providing security and nothing else. Other commitments are not to be entertained.

The Morobe police will be deployed tomorrow.