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Two charged for armed robberies in Morobe

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said the two men were dressed in police uniforms with a fake search warrant held up the shop owned by Indians and stole over K15,000 in cash.

The two men were apprehended at West Taraka in Lae following a drinking spree two days later.

Wagambie said the Police Intelligence Unit managed to track the suspects apprehending 15 suspects with the two charged.

They had escaped in a Land Cruiser to Lae where police were tipped off and detained the two men.

Ethnic clash leaves one dead and houses burnt down in Lae

The fight had first started on Saturday night when there was a confrontation between some groups of people in the area.

All the while, a youth who began acting violently came up on a group of people playing cards and demanded they give him money. These were the same group who had attacked  him earlier for demanding money from them.

The youth went away only to converge with a group of people to start a fight.

Police arrest graphic artist in relation to fake licences

This was a result of Lae Traffic police intercepting two drivers’ fake licenses and PMV drivers’ permits.

In a statement, Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said: “Lae Traffic Police and Road Safety officers were conducting random roadblocks, checking drivers' licences, unroadworthy vehicles and registration, when they came across two PMVs, of whom the drivers had a fake licence and permits”.

He says at first glance, the licence looks exactly like the ones being issued by the Traffic Registry.

Police apprehend escapee in Lae

The suspect, Boris Sine Mokiong from Finschaffen district Morobe Province escaped from Buimo prison in 2009 while serving time for armed robbery.

Whilst on the run, he was named and suspected of taking part in several criminal activities in Lae and was wanted for questioning over a number of major robberies and break in’s.

Boris was sighted at Eriku shopping centre where he was apprehended by police when walking out of a shop.

He was also suspected of shooting a policeman on duty whilst attending to a complaint at West Taraka earlier this year.

Lae Bowling Club ransacked

According to Lae police, there was a vehicle on standby used to transport the stolen property away.

The safe contained about K30,000 in it.

Police say the manner in which the break and enter took place suggests that it was an inside job by someone who knew how to get in and out unnoticed and where the safe was located.

Police are still continuing their investigations.

Wagambie Jnr reminds officers of their roles

Speaking to police officers during the Metropolitan Superintendent Midyear parade, Lae Police Boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr say police must maintain law and order to ensure that investments thrive.

“Investments will help create more jobs which will get people off the streets,” Wagambie Jnr says.

He says investments and workers’ pay tax to the government and this tax will later be used by the government to provide basic services to our people.

He added that as police officer must look at the broader picture on our importance and must perform to the expected standards.

Lae police remain loyal despite challenges

Despite the trying times, Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr acknowledges the efforts of his police personnel for their obedience to order and exercising restraint  in the course of their duty.

Wagambie Jnr says that command and control at all levels have ensured that they have been able to contain situations that were known to be volatile as well as allowing freedom of expression in a safe and secure manner which did not cause any looting or violence on the streets.

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Unitech parties had agreed to reconcile until surprise attack

Lae police are supervising the movement of the University of Technology students as they remove their personal belongings from their rooms.


Lae police will not listen to politicians: Wagambie Jnr

Police will maintain public safety in Lae

Provincial Police Commander for Lae, Anthony Wagambie Jnr has assured the people of Lae that police will be continuing normal operations and all suburban stations from Three-Mile to West Taraka and Tent City will be open for business.

Wagambie Jnr said police will be there to maintain public safety for all citizens, both local and foreigners in Lae.

He says vigilance will be on any opportunist who tries to disrupt, harm others or properties by taking advantage of the situation. Lae police will remain neutral and carry out their duties in protecting life and property.

Wagambie issues warning to Lae institutions

Lae metropolitan police commander Anthony Wagambie Junior made the remark late this afternoon after receiving word that certain Lae institutions plan on marching to the Eriku Oval for the awareness.

He adds that the police-approved event comes with set restrictions, one of which that all Unitech students will be transported to the oval under police escort, then back.

Another restriction is that only student leaders will conduct awareness and no one else will be allowed to address the crowd.