Lae Open

‘Wok Save Toktok’

“Ol pipol blo Lae ol no longlong mo. Yumi stap lo siti.” (The people of Lae know better now. We’re in the city.)

Rosso, who was declared with 26,864 primary votes, is returning to serve his second term in the 11th House of Parliament.

Speaking at the Sir Ignatius Kilage indoor complex, he stressed that the people know which leader is performing, and they will vote accordingly.

“I want to say thank you,” he continued.

Rosso, Tomala Jump Ahead In Count Two

After count 2, incumbent Lae MP John Rosso racked up another 303 votes from Hengali ward 1, putting him far ahead with 982 votes. Following behind was PNC candidate, Fabian Peter, with 207 votes, Matthew Minape at his heels with 203 votes, Valentine Buri with 58 and Ahi man, Shepherd Way, with 54 votes.

In the regional count, United Labour Party candidate, Kemas Tomala, got 144 votes from ballot box 177, placing him in front with 375 votes. Running behind was former Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, with 278 votes.

Rosso Ahead In Lae Count One

The first box to be opened was from ward 1 in Ahi rural, Hengali village.

Ballot box 176 saw incumbent Lae MP, John Rosso, leading with 679 votes.

Following behind on 51 votes is Shepherd Way, Valentine Buri with 28, Pastor Fabian Peter with 20 and Matthew Minape with 18 votes.

With Regional count 1, Kemas Tomala is ahead with 231 votes.

Jennifer Baing is following behind with 124 votes, Manu Bobola with 104, Luther Wenge with 80, Ginson Saonu with 58 and Kelly Naru with 39.

Lae Open to start polls

“I encourage and want to see a transparent process take place,” says Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“Police will be providing security to a total of 116 polling teams comprising of 55 for Lae Open, 30 for Huon Gulf Urban and 31 for Nawaeb Urban.

“We have mobilised all available resources to be used in the polling period.”

Wagambie Jnr is discouraging disorderly behaviour at the polling booths.

“Any person or persons found to be disrupting or intimidating voters at the polling booth will be arrested,” he stresses.