Lae Community College

Lae Teachers Threatened

Staff at Lae’s Flexible Open and Distance Education office are being threatened by frustrated former students and their parents.

Students who graduated from the Lae Community College since 2018 are yet to receive their Grade 10 and 12 certificates.

Head teacher, Cephas Malum, said despite their numerous emails, calls and visits to the Flexible Open and Distance Education headquarters at Waigani, the certificates of students from 2018 to 2021 are yet to be sent to Lae.

4-year wait for certificates

Principal, Cephas Malum, said they have met all requirements but are still waiting.

The Lae Community College facilitates Flexible Open & Distance Education (FODE), and it mostly takes in students that have been pushed out of the formal education system.

Over 1,000 students, including those with disabilities, are given a second chance every year to upgrade their marks and pursue their dreams. 

Principal Cephas Malum, however, said over 50 students who did their Grade 12 in 2018 are still waiting for their certificates.