Lady Emeline Tufi Dadae

Lady Emeline visits PNGKF

Her appointment to the role took place in January this year and she welcomed the role and responsibility to the PNGKF mission in advocating for healthy kidneys and promote a healthy lifestyle in general for Papua New Guineans.

Empowering Vabukori women

President of the Vabukori Women's Development Association, Molly O'Rourke said, “The Vabukori Women's Development Association focuses on empowering women in the areas of cooking, sewing, arts & craft, and gardening. The garden tools provided by Leon Hardware will greatly benefit our women.

“On behalf of the association, I express my deepest gratitude to Leon Hardware, Lady Dadae, and His Excellency the Governor General for their support. It is through partnerships like these that we can create positive change for our community."

Lady Dadae Concerned For Tonga

Lady Dadae, who hails from the Kingdom of Tonga, has expressed concern for their safety. 

“Naturally, I am concerned about the safety and wellbeing of my family as well as for the King and Queen of Tonga and people of Tonga,” she said. 

The tsunami which occurred following the volcanic eruption on an island off the coast of Nuku’alofa, forced Tongan’s to move to higher ground for safety. 

Lady Dadae stated that she was encouraged by posts on social media by Papua New Guineans expressing concern and support to their friends and loved ones in Tonga. 

New wife of GG officially welcomed

Lady Emeline Tufi Dadae, who tied the knot with the Governor General in January, was given a welcome by the staff of Government House during their annual dedication ceremony, where she briefly introduced herself as well as expressed a desire to work closely with everyone.

Of Tongan descent, Lady Emeline Tufi Dadae, who prefers to be addressed as “Lady Tufi”, was part of the dedication service at Konedobu, where she was given an opportunity to address the staff.