Kutubu LLG President calls on leaders to serve

Mr Kila made this call after the Kutubu LLG Special Authority sworn-in new directors to the board on Wednesday in Port Moresby.

Mr Kila clarified that the two directors sworn-in replaced two members from upper Faso in Kutubu.

He said the swearing-in was for directors and not a board chairman as speculated.

“We welcome the two directors onto the board but the position of the chairman still remain with Norman Babi.”

He added that he had written to Minister responsible Kevin Isifu about the swearing-in and welcomed the new board members.

Kutubu in need of water

Kutubu LLG President John Kila said relief supplies have been flowing but really need water for cooking.

Kila in a media briefing on Thursday thanked Oil Search and Mineral Resources Development Authority for their tireless effort in helping the people of Kutubu.

He said without the help from such companies and the Government, people of Kutubu will severely affected by the disaster.  

“We are thankful that such big companies are there to help our people.

“Without them, most of our people will be affected.”

LOs determined to protect bird-of-paradise

These local community groups have renewed their commitment to work with WWF to promote the conservation and management of key sites and species of this national bird.

Of the 31 different species found in PNG, about 24 are confirmed to be in Kikori basin, as recorded by WWF, and 6 are in the Kutubu region.

Sadly, these birds face increasing threats due to harmful and unsustainable land use practices such as logging and land clearing for development.

Relief supplies slow to trickle in

From Inu, Isaac Haboro has confirmed receiving Wopa biscuits, cold water and a few tents for shelter, yesterday.

But the immediate need at this time, they say is for the road to be cleared.

Haboro is calling on the government to engage construction companies to commence maintenance on the road as soon as possible.

A working road will enable other services, such as the bank, which is another immediate need they say.

The locals are requesting for the bank service to be up again, to be able to receive money sent in by relatives.

Work to preserve local language

Hahudi Farobo – chairman, Kutubu Foe Culture sees that the original language is fading away.

He blames self-ignorance and outside influence.

His project aims to capture more than 10 dialects from the area.

The dictionary will have words in English, their Tok Pisin translation and the Foe translation.

He says the English and Tok Pisin version has already been completed.

Farabo has been assigned an office space at the recently launched Kutubu Skills Training Center’s administration building.

Kutubu’s invisible tug-of-war

Over the years, the impact of this invisible tug-of-war has left a generation of confused youth.

With not much development and less empowerment, the local population is geared toward a contemporary lifestyle, proving to be more dangerous overtime.

But the communities of Kutubu LLG are no longer waiting for government intervention.

Local authority figures have encouraged youth groups to take the social responsibility in keeping the young generation in line.

One such group is the Kutubu Theater Youth Group formed in 2004.

Moran and Kutubu landowners sign Kroton Option

Representatives from both beneficiary groups signed the documents to exercise the option entitling them to their share of the 4.27 per cent indirect interest in the PNG LNG project.

Sakai Kei, General Secretary of Namo-Aporo Landowner Association of PDL 2, and Pape Punga, Chairman of the Moran Landowners Association from PDL 5 both signed instruments yesterday.

Under the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement (2009), 76 per cent of the 4.27 per cent Kroton Equity Option is shared among the PDL areas.

Sonk: Landowners are receiving benefits

However, he said this did not to mean that landowners were not receiving any benefits at all. He said landowners of certain fields of the project were receiving their benefits since 2014

“The Brown Field areas, Gobe and Kutubu and these places already have a mechanism in place so they are receiving it.”

“Lets not be misled by saying that LNG Benefits have not been received,” he said.

Sonk made the remarks after being questioned by the media that the Oil and Gas Act may be outdated and if there needed to be a review.