Kumul Telikom Holdings Limited

Telikom, HOC sign sponsorship agreement

Telikom acting CEO, Xavier Victor, said the partnership is worth over a million kina.

“We are pleased to be in partnership with the host organising committee to be partners in delivering the Games.

“For nearly two years now, we’ve been working behind the scenes to provide the best communications infrastructure in Kimbe to make sure we are able to deliver the best for PNG.

“We have EMTV by way of providing live coverage of the opening and closing ceremony, and throughout the entire two weeks will be providing highlights of all the sports played.

Games committee pleased with Telikom partnership

The PNG Games will be staged in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, from November 18- December 2.

“We are really pleased with this partnership going forward. We need coverage going forward from all mediums,” said chairman of the HOC, Reuben Kautu.

“We would like to bring the Games to the whole of PNG and we have a Papua New Guinean company supporting the Games to do that through television, radio and other mediums.”

Kautu added the HOC is ready to deliver the Games.