Kumul Telikom

​Kumul Telikom eyes undersea cable

Speaking at the Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference in Sydney recently, Kumul Telikom chairman Mahesh Patel said the idea has been with him since taking over as chairman.

However, to reduce the price to consumers, it will be necessary to create more ISPs and ‘more retail focus’, says Patel.

“Four years ago, we had poor quality internet and people were paying K200 per gigabyte; today the rate is K25 and I think that can go down further.”

Kumul Telikom Board announed

This was revealed yesterday by Minister for National Planning and Acting Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments, Charles Abel.

The Board will oversee Kumul Telikom and its subsidiaries Bemobile and DataCo.

The Board will be headed by Mahesh Patel as Chairman and Reuben Kautu as Deputy Chairman.

The Directors include Cedric Rondoke, Kili Tambua, Avia Koisen, Andrew Johnston.

The seven Board members will include the Managing Director of Kumul Telikom which is yet to be announced after the revocation of John Mangos’ appointment.

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Funeral for former Miss PNG late Ruby Laufa on Friday


The country will farewell former Miss Papua New Guinea the late Ruby-Anne Laufa on Friday, February 24.

Mangos appointment rescinded


Mangos appointment rescinded

Minister for National Planning and Acting Minister for Public & State Enterprise, Charles Abel, announced this yesterday.

Abel spoke to the media following various allegations and concerns raised by the staff of Telikom PNG and the PNG Communication Workers Association (PNG CWA) on Monday who called for the termination of Mangos and Telikom Chairman, Mahesh Patel.

Abel fronted the media to clarify the restructuring of state owned telecommunications companies in Telikom, Bemobile and DataCo