Kubalia Secondary School

Maru visits Kubalia Secondary school

During his visit, MP Maru confirmed that the school project would be completed in the two next weeks, according to contractors. The project is worth K600,000 funded under the Yangoru-Saussia District Development Authority.

"The hall will serve as a school mess, graduation hall, exam hall and other school gatherings. I have instructed the Principal to get quotes for the tables and chairs and the kitchen equipment etc. I want this mess/ hall to be the best in the province.

Kubalia secondary anticipates major changes

Minister Maru said this when visiting the school on October 4th.

The visit was the first in around five years and Minister Maru returned with an important gift.

Minister Maru made a long awaited return to Kubalia to visit its secondary school and to make a significant presentation; a brand new school truck.

Welcomed by hundreds of locals, Acting Principal, Ken Guambagi, thanked Minister Maru for the presentation.

Minister condemns burning of dormitory

“There can be no excuse for such a behaviour by students or anyone and I will ensure those responsible will be investigated and face the full force of the law,” Minister Maru said.

The Minister is calling a Special Meeting of the Yangoru-Saussia District Development Authority to provide a report on the school. He has requested Yangoru-Saussia DDA CEO, Fantson Yaninen, to provide this report. The Minister wants to get down to the bottom of the reasons behind the burning of the dormitory.