Konepoti Cricket Tournament

Konepoti Cricket Club revived in Lae

He said part of the University’s mission is to promote sports, among the students and community.

He recounted the history of the cricket club back to the 70s-80s when Konepoti was one of the best teams among the Hoods with others like Raukele.

Dr. Renagi recalled the good players at that time like Vele Amini, Wari Agi and Walo Ila from the club who did very well to establish the strength of that club.

Dr Renagi said that the club was a premiership-winning club, and they did well by training their children to be cricket players as well.

Konepoti Cricket Tournament

Konepoti POM Cricket Club President, Pona Agi said about 25 years ago, this sport was played in the village but then it went dormant.

He said the launch would revive the sport in the Kapari & Virolo villages with the aim to push them further.

“We decided to try and bring the game back here, revive the young kids get them motivated into playing cricket and hopefully we try and slowly push them down to town competition and our goal is having one or two boys represent barramundis would be very good for us. That’s basically our aim,” said Agi.