Kokopo National Court

ENB Governor restrained

They are also restrained from terminating the Corporation’s employees.

The orders were issued after the National Court declared Governor Nakikus Konga is not a shareholder of the ENBDC and cannot act as one or carry any functions as a shareholder.

East New Britain Development Corporation is an incorporated company, where the East New Britain provincial government is the sole shareholder of the Corporation.

Jail term reduced for murderer

Robert Peter was sentenced by the Kokopo National Court on March 2 to 30 years in prison at the Kerevat Correctional Institution over the murder of Peter Pomat.

He filed an appeal against the jail term. This appeal was heard and allowed by a recent Supreme Court sitting in Kokopo, which substituted that 30 year jail term by half.

The Supreme Court found that the trial judge did not consider the emotional state of the 25-year-old man when deciding the jail term to impose as his punishment.

Judiciary saddened at judge passing

 A sad day indeed for the judiciary and members of the legal fraternity are deeply saddened at the untimely passing of the judge who was serving his second 10-year term as a National and Supreme Court judge.

Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia has released an official statement regarding the death, extending the judiciary’s condolence to his wife, Sandy Lenalia, children and relatives.

The late judge passed on today at 1:30am from the Pacific International Hospital after suffering from a heart attack. He was medevac to Port Moresby on Saturday.

​Grandfather gets 39 years for incest

Identities of the man and the victims are being omitted from this article due to the age of the victims and the nature of the crime.

The man pleaded guilty before Justice Salatiel Lenalia at the Kokopo National Court and was sentenced to 39 years for two counts of persistent sexual abuse.

He was sentenced to 19 years and 20 years respectively for both counts on June 21.

The court suspended 9 years from his total sentence of 39 years, leaving him to serve 30 years at the Kerevat jail.

Funding for Sharp trial made available

The trial into the country’s worst maritime disaster which saw more than 172 people perish in the ferry disaster on Feb 2, 2012, started in April but ran into funding problems in August resulting in a number adjournment.

The matter returned before Presiding judge, Terrence Higgins on Wednesday this week where an update on funding was given and the matter adjourned to Feb 2017 for mention before a date for the continuation of the trial can be fixed.

Maritime expert to give evidence in Sharp trial

Amongst those selected witnesses who will be brought to Kokopo is an Australian maritime expert, Martin Renilson.

Renilson is scheduled to give evidence next month (Oct 17) during the trial at the Kokopo National Court.

Leading state prosecutor Paul Banister, who is heading the trial, made known to the court early this week that funding is yet to be made available for more witnesses to be brought to Kokopo.

The State is now prioritising funds for key witnesses in the trial, one of which is Renilson.

Court grants ENB chief ‘no interference’ orders

Mr Matava was appointed  as per the National Gazette Number G343 of 3rd July.

He had sought ex parte  orders following his suspension by Tubal even though his appointment had been endorsed by the Provincial Executive Council and placed on the National Gazettal notice, signed by the Governor-General.