Kokopo camp

Alotau, Kokopo camps to arrive in POM

In less than 24 hours, the elected MPs of the 10th Parliament will vote for the country’s new Prime Minister.      

The People’s National Congress Party-led coalition is expected to arrive on a chartered flight in the nation’s capital around midday.

On the other hand, the Kokopo camp, led by National Alliance and PANGU Party, are tight-lipped about their estimated time of arrival because of incidences of abduction and assaults on the Alliance members.

However, a declared MP confirmed with Loop PNG that they will be arriving today.

Namah confident with "Element of Surprise”

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG tonight Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah says that his team is ready for Wednesday.

To date, the numbers count from Kokopo has been varied, Loop PNG this afternoon ran an update with an estimate of 50 members in camp.

However from the National Alliance FB page there is a list of 48 members whilst sources on ground give the count at 45.

Kokopo Update

Welcoming the two groups at the airport was the President of the National Alliance Party and Namatanai member elect, Walter Schnaubelt along with other executives of the National Alliance Party.

The first flight brought in Vanimo Green MP, Belden Namah, Newly elected Western Province Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto, South Fly MP, Seki Agisa, North Fly MP James Donald, Gumini Open MP, Lukas Dekena and Wabag Open MP, Dr Lino Tom.

“We are fighting to remove poor leadership”

This was reiterated in press conference today by Pangu Party leader and member elect for Bulolo, Sam Basil upon welcoming also the new Governor of Morobe Province, Ginson Goheyu Saonu.

Basil made this calling to the member elect for Kabwum, Patrick Basa stating that PNC has created a leadership vacuum in the Morobe Province and elsewhere too.

Kokopo camp update

Party leaders of the political parties that make up the Alliance group include NA’s Patrick Pruaitch, Pangu’s Sam Basil, PNG Party’s Kerenga Kua and others including Belden Namah and Sir Mekere Morauta, who led the independents, will fly into Kokopo this afternoon.

The members are anticipated to sign the Kokopo accord upon arrival this afternoon.

More MPs are also expected to join the Kokopo camp this afternoon.


Updates to follow.


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