Police confirms 12 deaths after plane crash in Kiunga

The three were pronounced dead on arrival at the Kiunga hospital.

Western Provincial Police Commander Joseph Puri said a pilot, a helicopter from a drilling company based in Kiunga, spotted the crash and quickly transported three survivors to the Kiunga hospital but all three were declared dead on arrival.

PPC Puri said the aircraft was approaching the airport at around 2.20pm when the accident happened.

“The fixed-wing plane crashed into the shallow swamp at about 2.20pm, a kilometre from Kiunga airport,” Puri said.

Policeman in custody over shooting

Details are sketchy at this moment about th the shooting, but the township of Kuinga is still on lock down following rioting in the area yesterday.

Western provincial police commander Tep Puri told Loop PNG, police are maintaining a presence in the town area with their defence counterparts.

The situation is now quiet.

Puri says police will also be holding talks with relatives of the deceased but could  not confirm the locality of the deceased.


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Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

The mining township of Kiunga in the Western Province was brought to a standstill after rioting and looting broke out today.

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Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

Unconfirmed reports from Kiunga say a disciplined officer  shot and killed a man, which sparked the public to run amok causing law and disorder in the township.

Reports received by Loop PNG say the Army has moved into key points in the town and blocked off roads leading into the town centre.

The Army has issued a lockdown of people in the town area with movement of people in and out of town restricted  until the all clear is given by the Army.

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Food supplies run low in Kiunga

Food supplies in Kiunga in the Western Province are running low as the drought continues to hit hard.

World Bank warns of ballooning budget deficit

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El Nino here and will be more severe than 1997

And the season will continue until May 2016.

El Nino has fully developed and continues to strengthen according to Jimmy Gomoga, action assistant Director of the Weather office.

“All El Nino events are different and their strengths do not necessarily indicate the kind of impact it will have on the country,” he told LOOP PNG.