Kiunga Hospital

Kiunga Hospital undergoing changes

OTDF continues to assist the hospital as part of its contribution to community health development.

In 2016 alone, OTDF donated two computers to the hospital administration, recently installed new lighting for the hospital walkways and renovated the public toilet in the hospital car park area.

Contractors – Kiunga Electrical, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Services, and Ama Sa West – were engaged by OTDF to carry out the lighting and toilet works respectively.

SDA churches clean up Kiunga Hospital

On a bright Sunday morning, Kiunga and Mepu churches came together, with congregation numbers reaching well over one hundred, bringing along bush knives, rakes, wheel barrows, brush cutters, forks and spades.

The church goers cleaned up by cutting grass, pruned and planted flowers, cleaned and dug blocked drains and also disposed of hospital rubbish.

Kiunga SDA church elder Mark Gena, who was in charge of the clean-up and also works at the hospital, said the churches decided to do something different for the hospital.

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PM’s lawyer seek stay of trial

Lawyers representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday moved another application before the Supreme Court seeking to temporary stay the judicial review into the validity of his warrant of arrest.


PM’s lawyers appeal against joiner in High Court

Chinese community aid Kiunga Hospital

The hospital received K125,500 from New Century Investment Limited, Niugini Pride Supermarket, Rainfox Trading, ZC Trading, Young Sing Trading and Unique Hardware, which amounts to the cost of a portable x-ray machine.

The hospital has only one x-ray machine that is stationed in the radiology department, thus making it difficult to move patients needing x-ray services from the wards to the x-ray room. The portable x-ray machine will greatly assist as it can be taken to the patient’s bedside to carry out x-ray screening and make vital assessments quickly.