Kila Haoda

Governor slams deteriorating health rumours

In a statement, Governor Haoda says opposing candidates and supporters have ignited such hearsay on social media.

However, he assures the people that he is adamant to retain his seat to further enhance his policies on advanced education, improved health and upgrading all service delivery mechanisms.

“Your stamp is my stamp and together we will lead our province positively through the key areas I have already embarked on to improve our province.”

Haoda vows to continue to deliver

Speaking at his rallies last week at Babaka, Makerupu and Hula village in the Rigo district, Haoda said that if elected back into parliament for another term, he will continue on from where he has started.

“I think I have done my part. I will build upon what I have done in the last five years.

 “The power is in your hands now. If you put rubbish into parliament, you’ll get rubbish out of parliament.

Kila Haoda nominates

His nomination was accepted at 10am this morning at the Electoral Commission Office at Boroko, witnessed by Dr Puka Temu, member for Abau Open and Ano Pala, member for Rigo Open.

Haoda was elected governor for Central Province in July 26, 2012.

He will be running under the PNC banner to retain his seat for a second term.

The small group who accompanied Haoda to nominate proceeded to Gaire where hundreds of supporters have converged at the Governor's election base camp.

PNG failed its people many times: Haoda

Disaster is now and must be attended to now, says Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda.

According to him, people wait for months before relief arrives.

“This is a very serious issue…we need to change, we need a better system.

“We must have funds parked on the side all the time for natural disasters so when it strikes, we can quickly attend to it now rather than later (months later).”

Landowners accept Government deal on Vendor Financing

In a press conference today, Hela Governor Francis Potape, Southern Highlands Governor William Powi and Central Governor Kila Haoda signed the agreement declaring their stand on the vendor financing.

Gulf Governor Havila Kavo was not present and Western Governor Ati Wobiro is currently serving his term at Bomana Correctional institution.

Powi said the landowners have been missing out on the equity and the decision by the government for a vendor financing is a step in the right direction.