Kikori District

Development for Kikori Primary schools

Managing Director, Augustine Mano, stated that a number of primary schools in the district will be given double or one story classrooms.

“We will invest about K7.8million under our 30%. In the PNGLNG we get 2% of Royalty, 2% of Equity, and 40% is given to landowners as part of their dividends but that 30% from our contribution you’re supposed to get it as Royalty and Equity.

“We will start with all the primary schools. Kaiam, Kopi, Baina, Vaira, Bamaguna, Bisi, Gore, and Omati. Seven point eight million (7.8m) will be used.

Kikori land owners urged to look into cocoa

Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline Ltd Director for Segment 7, Wauro Oumabe, was present at the launching of the new Computer lab, E-library, Wi-Fi and FODE at the Kikori Secondary School in Gulf Province.

“I’ve been thinking tomorrow oil and gas is going to be deflated, what is next? Where will landowners go? Where will our children go and our future generation? When oil and gas is deflated at least there is an option that will sustain and fall back on. I started with a cocoa project and I’ve been driving it,” he stated.

Clean Water for Kikori

Soroi Eoe has presented local SME, Kaoha Limited, with 55 thousand Kina, to provide water purification and filtration services for Kikori District in Gulf Province.

Minister Eoe said his people often experience flooding, where their water sources get contaminated, leaving them vulnerable to water-borne diseases.

“Many of our people are drinking water from the wells, rivers and all the sources, and often times what we drink makes our people sick.