Kerevat Jail

Kerevat Jail Needs Support

Making this call to fellow LLG presidents was Toma Vunadidir LLG president, Robert Mati.
He accompanied by LLG presidents in Gazelle District - Central Gazelle Joe Endo, Livuan Reimber Sam Piniau, Inland Baining Karl Baru, Lassul Baining Bernard Kulap and executive officer to Gazelle MP Misikaram Eliuda visited Kerevat Correctional Services institution on Thursday and presented K3000 worth of food purchased by Toma Vunadidir LLG.

Two out of seven escapees recaptured

Steven Rerem from Bitapabeke Ward and Michael Ganabun from the Kokopo district of ENB were two of seven hardcore suspects who broke out of the police vehicle while it was making its way to the jail after a day at the Kokopo Court House.

Rerem and Ganabun have returned to prison and are in police custody for robbery and attempted murder charges, whereas the rest are still at large.

ENB provincial police commander Chief Inspector Peter Kusup said Police Task Force members recaptured the suspect at his home village recently.