Kerenga Kua

2017 Budget to be handed down today

 Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch and Secretary Dairi Vele will give the final details of allocation to each sector.

After the press lock up, the Treasury Minister at 2pm Parliament sitting will introduce the 2017 National Budget to the house, and adjourned for one week for the Opposition to give its respond.

In last week Parliament sitting, Sinasina Yonggumgl MP Kerenga Kua asked the ruling government to give opposition time to research and debate before the passage of the 2017 National Budget. 

Do not press a panic button: Treasurer

Kua directed his questions to Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch during Parliament on Tuesday asking for an assurance about the 2017 Budget before the Government tabled it.

He claimed that the revenue had not been keeping phase with the expenditure component of the Budget.

“Can the Treasurer give us some assurance that he will be able to align the expenditure with the revenue so that we can be fully execute the budget before the end of the year?”

Young Sinesine-Yongumugl man to attend flying school

Witnessing the occasion today was local MP Kerenga Kua and Air Niugini’s Executive manager for Flights operations Captain Samiu Taufa alongside Human Resource General Manager Rei Logona.

Kua said the agreement was an important exercise for his district as it encourages young people to have bigger dreams and visions in their lives.

He said the partnership with Air Niugini to send  Daniel Jack, 26 to the flying school was to inspire younger children in the district to aspire and do more and achieve their dreams.

Kua questions why police are protecting politicians

He said police processes  now seem to evolve to a point where politicians are clearly protected and quarantined from the normal processes of suspected crimes, investigations, arrests, charges and prosecution.

“What is clear is the requirement by the Police Commissioner that approval be obtained by his rank and file officers from him before an elected member of parliament is investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted.”

Kua said the effect of this is that, a wall is built around these politicians.

PNG National Party prepares for 2017 elections

While Parliamentary Party leader and Member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua, anticipates bringing more members into parliament come next elections, the party now is focusing on connecting the business community to fulfilling the private public partnership arrangement.

The Party currently has two members in Parliament.

On Friday it hosted a meet and greet cocktail party at the Lae International Hotel to connect the Lae business community to realising its partnership.

Water and sewerage connection is a government must: Kua

He also raised in Parliament yesterday the idea of merging Eda Ranu and Water PNG. This is to help in providing this adequate need, which in many provincial centres is non-existent.

“The most profitable centre is Port Moresby, which falls under Eda Ranu and the other centres which are not profitable are placed under Water PNG. That is why Water PNG is unable to afford and finance the cost of provision of clean water supply and sanitation to the rest of the country,” Kua said.  

Kua steps away from the ‘crowded bench’ to join Opposition

Vibrant former Attorney General and Sinasina Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua has stepped out from the crowded government back benches and joined the Opposition bench this afternoon.

In welcoming the leader of National Party, Opposition Leader Don Polye thanked him for making such a move.

“The move by Kua was for his people and not for his personnel gain. We welcome him to the Opposition as he brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team,” Polye said.

Former attorney-general slams 'untouchable' PM & police chief

Police officers loyal to the commissioner locked down the fraud squad's office with chains on Monday, after the country's top anti-corruption policeman Matthew Damaru was granted a court order to stop the commissioner from suspending him.

Commissioner Gari Baki suspended Chief Superintendant Damaru purportedly over an unrelated investigation in Simbu province.

He denied the suspension was due to the fraud squad's recent arrest of Attorney-General Ano Pala, Supreme Court judge Bernard Sakora, and the Prime Minister's lawyer Tiffany Twivey Nonggorr.

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Former Law Society president talks on law

Kua is the current Member for Parliament representing the people of Sinasina Yongomugl in Chimbu Province as a first term MP.

He also served as the country’s attorney general before been sacked by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.       

“In the short history as an independent nation, judiciary has played a crucial role in maintaining our democracy,” Kua said. 

“I was president of Law Society for 10 years before becoming a politician.